The Basics Of Forex

What is Trading Forex?


This Video will explain the basics of the forex market and what you can trade on a typical spread betting account. Find out the concept of trading and how it can benefit you. We explain the market size, what you can trade and when the market is open. We look at spreads, orders, limits and stop losses. This video will give you a good guide so you can then copy our signal.

How do I setup a broker account and start trading?


This video explains what is a broker and how you go about selecting a broker. We will demonstrate how to open a practice demo account in this video.


How do I use the Trading Station Market scope Software on my PC?


This video explains how to setup your software and then use the Trading Station software on your PC to start trading. We recommend using a Demo account initially to build your confidence and knowledge of the software. We show you how to place trades, exit full and parts of a trade and calculate your position sizing while managing risk.

What is your trading signal and how do I use it?


This video explains how we send out our signal and how you should interpret them to manage your positions. We will look at the mobile phone app versions of the brokerage platform. And look at the app we use to send out our signals.

Calculating risk and managing position sizing.


Risk management is the single most important aspect of trading, you need to trade and manage risk according to your trading account size. We have this simple Risk Calculator tool that will help you set your position sizing correctly.


Download The Risk Calculator

Phycology and Risk Management


The phycology of trading and why it is important.


Mistakes that people make, typical retail trader mistakes.


How to avoid the mistakes and how to enjoy trading.

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