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From beginner to advanced traders, we take you step by step through our comprehensive online training course. Taking you through the setting up of a Forex brokerage account, to reading the markets and our unique trading strategies.


The online trading course takes you through areas of trading from the Basics of Forex through to Strategies, tips and also shows you live trading videos. Once you have paid for the course any updates to the exiting content and additional material will be uploaded at no extra cost to yourself. The FX trading course is designed to be compact and focusses on Price Action, Indicators covering MACD, RSI and Simple Moving Averages.


The strategies section is designed to help you learn how to design your own trading strategies tailored to you specific trading style. This is unique to our online video course and is based upon the fact that every trader is different and will develop a different trading approach. Furthermore what works today may not work tomorrow, and by teaching our students how to develop their own systems they can have financial and trading freedom in the future.


We then have some example strategies for both Day and Swing trading for you to use, with example videos of how to use them. The content of the course including The Basics of Forex FREE section is over 10 hours. And is designed to give you a simple but pragmatic approach to trading with good risk management.



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Course Content

Section 1- The Basics Of Forex

Learn what the Forex market is and how to setup a brokers account and place your first trade. Get the basics understood in this online trading course and decide quickly and safely if a life of trading if for you.

Section 2- Price Action

One of the most important aspects of being a successful trader is being able to read price action. Relying on indicators and fundamentals is only half the battle, to trade successfully you need to read price action and get in tune with the market you are trading. Learning this is what will give you the advantage in the markets.

Section 3- Indicators

How to design a trading strategy using indicators to help establish entry and exit criteria. Indicators are a very important aspect to technical trading. And allow you to confirm a strategy and trade setup by getting confirmation from indicators.

Section 4- Strategies

Putting it all together and designing a trading strategy that suits you. Putting it all together and designing a trading strategy that suits you. This is one of the most important aspects of the online course, as it develops your  mind into building winning Forex trading strategies.

Section 5- The Important Things

The small but important aspects of trading that are usually not taught. This is the stuff that you cannot always be taught but comes with experience. Over time you learn and develop a feel for the market and how markets may behave. There are so many bad habits you can pick up along the way.

Section 6- Trading Setup & Performance Review

How to setup your trading station and then monitor and manage your performance.

Section 7- Live Trading

Watch us put some of the theory into practice and follow us trading live. Live trading is the best way to see how a trading system works and the results it can achieve.

Section 8- Indices Trading

How to trade the major Indices including the DOW, S&P and Dax. Trading Indices is not necessarily the same as Forex, the patterns, volatility , spread and market conditions and seasonality are all different.

The Signal Review Vids

See how some of the trading setups have performed. You watch as I have shared some live trading setups, where we discuss entries and exits to my trades.

Online Forex Trading Course
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Our online Forex trading course, also included is one months Free signal service membership. Learn to trade and change your life.

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