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From beginner to advanced traders, we take you step by step through our comprehensive training video set. Starting at the basics about Forex and the setting up of a brokerage account. We then move onto how to read the markets and look at price action. We then look at indicators and how you can then form strategies. We advance onto our own unique trading systems and strategies and the final section is the most important, the phycology of trading. We have compounded the important information so that you are not overwhelmed with information and the training can be absorbed. If you are new to trading we will provide you with education through our compact video series to get you on the right track.



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Day & Swing Trading FX Signal Service from £17 per month


You may not have time to learn how to trade or you simply want some tips to give your trading account a boost. Or you may be a capable trader just looking for some confirmation of your decisions. We have a professional trader looking at the markets and highlighting our unique trade setups to you. You will get an alert to your smartphone for any new day and swing trade setups or changes to any exiting trades. We have setups based on 4hr down to 15min charts, so this service can be suitable for people who can only look at their trades occasionally throughout the day.

We have so far achieved a average 5%+ ROI per month from May 2017.




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Portfolio Trading FX Signal Service from £17 per month


If you don’t have much free time and are looking for a system where you can sit back and occasionally look at the markets once or twice a day. Portfolio trading is suitable for you. Based on the higher time frame charts our trades will last weeks and months. Similar to the day trading package you will get alerts for new trades and any updates to exiting open positions. The advantage to this is that in most cases if you cannot react to the alert until later in the day, it will not matter too much as the moves we are looking for in these trades are much bigger and over a longer period of time. It may be that you have a job where you can only use your smartphone before and after work and maybe at lunch. Then portfolio trading will be more suitable for you.


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I have been a member for a full month and just re joined as Matt knows his stuff and will definitely make you money if you follow what he does. Highly recommend to everyone who is sitting on the fence. Just go for it you won't regret it.

fantastic service that pays for itself!! i have used many paid signal services over the years as i just dont have time to study the charts myself but this service is by far the best i have ever used. simple and profitable!!

Matt has an uncanny way of calling the market and I've seen nothing like this in my three years of trading. Definitely the real deal. Looking forward to learning how he calls his shots. Highly recommend.

We are here to help with your trading from coaching to offering our trading signal for you to follow.

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Best Of The Month

Check out some of our best trades, comments and profits over the last few weeks.

Closed Winning Trade Sell EUR/GBP Half off for +39pips Closed 2nd half 45pips

Symbol EUR/GBP
S/B S Open 0.87519 Stop 0.88335 Limit 0.86154 Time 6/5/2017 6:42

EUR/GBP Close Half for 39pips move stop to 0.87810, if it has a bounce now we will try and add back into this as it has some potential for a bigger move.

Symbol EUR/GBP
S/B S Open 0.87519 Close 0.8713 P/L 38.9
Open Time 6/5/2017 6:42 Close Time 6/5/2017 12:11 Closed 2nd half 45pips

Symbol EUR/GBP
S/B S Open 0.87519 Close 0.8707 P/L 44.9
Open Time 6/5/2017 6:42
Close Time 6/5/2017 16:54

Post of The Month

Results are in for the first month of the day trading signal £3000+ gain and 17% up for the month. https://youtu.be/67PRljjrYcs

Tips Of The Month

One of the keys to good trading is sitting back and watching markets move without you. And not to feel the sense of missing out, especially when you identified a potential move, didn't get in and it went without you. If you need some support or help with you trading just visit us at https://www.theforexcoach.co.uk/online…/the-basics-of-forex/

Welcome to TheForexCoach.

TheForexCoach is an online training and signal service for the Forex markets, we focus on foreign currencies, indices and commodities. Our aim is to provide a good quality service to the public, who want to earn some additional income from trading forex. Risk management is one of our key focuses, and we want to educate people how to trade safely and responsibly.


Advantages to signals;


Through a standard spread betting account a profits you make following our signal are Tax Free. Unlike other methods of copy trading where HMRC can tax your earnings as somone else is placing the trade for you. We have a proven track record and excellent risk management. So following us will mean that you can enjoy trading with managed risk and really get the most out of your trading experience. You can reinvest your winnings in to your trading account and let your account grow, with the aim to eventually trade full time. This is possible to do for some people in two years, depending on your starting capital. But even with a 2k account this is achievable. We will guide you and support you through your trading journeys.


Legal Disclaimer;


All forms of investments carry risks. Such investments may not be suitable for everyone and can result in losses that exceed deposits, so please ensure that you fully understand the risks and costs involved in trading. Past performance is not an indicator as to future performance. Risk management is the most important aspect of Trading. We provide education and training of how to trade safely and responsibly along with a signal service which tells you how we trade. The decision to trade the markets or follow any of our traders is up to you and it is your responsibility to manage your risk. For new and inexperienced traders we always recommend using a Demo accounts until you have built up a proven and consistent trading track record. Spread betting is a leveraged form of trading if you do not understand how it works and the risks involved then you should not be trading.



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